Top 10 Blogs for Book Lovers 2013: The Winners

Top 10 Blogs for Book Lovers AwardAt Story Cartel, we love books. We asked you to help us find the best blogs for book lovers by nominating your favorite book blogs. You responded with over 120 nominations.

We narrowed that list down to 20 book blog finalists. Then, we had our expert judges rate each blog using a complicated formula. (Which we actually had to seek outside help on. We’re writers after all and statistics are not our forté. So, thanks Scott!) You can see how the winners were chosen here.

We hope these excellent blogs help you satiate your love for books!

The Top 10 Blogs for Book Lovers

101 Books
The Book Wheel
Arab Lit
Bookalicious Babe
Tumbling Books
Natalia Sylvester
In Which I Read Vintage Novels
Deliberate Reader
Living A Writing Life

Huge congratulations to the winners!

Top 10 Blogs for Book Lovers AwardBook lovers, make sure to check out these amazing blogs. Spread the word, sharing the results through Facebook, Twitter, and with your book loving friends.

If you’re a winner, post this award image on your blog sidebar, linking back to this page. Congratulations again!

And to all book bloggers, whether you won this year or not, thank you for spreading the love of books with others. We appreciate you.

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  • Thank you so much for choosing my blog! I’m so excited! 🙂

  • I’m honored to be included. Thank you!

  • Thank you so much! It’s an honor.

  • Thank you so much!

    • Congratulations, Sheila – this award’s well deserved!

  • Woohoo! Thank you so much! I’m so excited!

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  • Bookalicious Babe AKA Sue

    I am so thrilled! Thanks so much. I am glad people enjoy my reviews cause I can’t tell enough people how many wonderful books there are out there!

  • Rosa

    I’m starting as a book blogger and really find this list useful. Some blogs I didn’t know yet, but I’ll sure pay them a visit. I’ve recently created a blog The Book Affair, a blog about books for bookaholics showcasing book reviews, book covers, bookmarks, bookshelves, inspirational quotes and much more.

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  • Rebecca

    Thanks for the great list. I could always use another distraction. Or ten.

    ~ Rebecca

    • Purple Rainman

      Beware of Your Barber and what you wish for. I have sent you a request for an easy reading book review.

    • Louise Gibney

      Exactly my sentiments! 🙂

  • Purple Rainman

    Raise the Flag is a book with six easy reading stories, by author’ design to encourage reading and appreciation for literature, about the author’s arduous journey leading to this one little book, Raise the Flag.

  • Sandeep

    Check this out.

  • Rosa Silva

    Great list. I hope someday my blog Bookish Findings ( will make it to this list.

  • NamasteBooks

    Thanks for the great list.

    Accounting Books

  • Ahmed
  • Dennis Shamblin

    You should read “Surviving Bigfoot and the Dixie Mafia” because its a great book

    • Thanks for the list, but as of today, most are now closed to book review requests. Robert Eggleton, Rarity from the Hollow

  • Good list. Do you want to find about the top books right now voted by the users then check out

  • Lew Irwin

    You mean forte (strength), not forté (music: loud).

    • Henry Neff

      Forte is also – or used to be – a programming language.

  • Vik

    There is a great book I have just read, GAMBLER’S LOVE…Beautiful love story with a great twist and its by an new upcoming author name Vishal Gandhi

  • Pat Leck
  • The Perks of Being a Librarian

    Heey! I want to present a new project:
    A blog where you can found book reviews written by two girls who like one book of any genre. Hope you like it, but even if you don’t, please, do not forget to leave your comment. Your opinion is very important to us. And if you like it, you can simply follow us on blogger or facebook. Thank you! <3

  • Ravin

    “the second coming ” by nagendra bisht

  • John Dare

    Check out my book store

  • Rahul Atrishi

    All of us have peculiarities but have you wondered how peculiar one’s peculiarity can really be?
    Check this out in a relatively peculiar story!

  • BookLover
  • Artedelmondo
  • I just reread THE CELESTINE PROPHECY and again, loved the connection it draws on for each of us to each other, to nature and synchronicity.

  • Doeksers

    Got a sneak pick of an upcoming book due for release….MIND BLOWING…..revealtion of Jesus Christ before He became a man….who He was with the Father….all scriptural….like my eyes opened for the first time….so for all you christians out there….dont miss it. Name of the book…The ultimate revelation of Jesus Christ written by a guy in Africa.

  • Roof Refresh

    Just finishing up The Corps series from W.E.B Griffin. Searching around for some reading material and found your list. Thanks!


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  • Doctor Panda

    I am living in a foreign land right now and this blogs seem to be the chosen for me to pass by the time. I think this are the most relevant blogs I’ve seen so far.

    • RCO

      Dr. Panda, where are you located. I’m here in the US. If you’re looking for a book to read and you like legal thrillers, I would proudly recommend my book which I believe is available in Australia. It’s called Hallways in the Night. Have safe travels.

    • Me too. That’s what a Kindle is for. Can’t buy English language books here (there) on paper. The few that they are are very expensive too.

  • Healthcare Services/JKM

    Thanks.. I’ll read it!!

  • bafriyie

    Thanks for this, I mean to check these blogs out, maybe even get some ideas of books to read.

    • The Book Wheel

      I hope you stop by!

      • Gale Wilson

        i checked it out looks interesting

        • The Book Wheel

          Thank you!

          • mahi


          • mahi


  • Scale Lily

    Thanks for the list.

  • Astro64

    Hey just found a new book blog that has just launched which is a little different to the rest. Worth checking out and keeping an eye on. It is at

  • Justin Cook

    Hello Admin Cheers !!

    Excellent article

    I found one more romantic novel :-Chain Bound Book

    Really it’s too great 🙂

    Thanks for

  • Tim

    Useful list, will there be an updated one for 2014?

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  • Taylor

    Thanks for the info

    • mahe


  • Interesting

  • Writing or reading . Love to lose myself in books.

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  • Liliane Ruyters

    Thanks for the list; I’ll use it for my own blog, BooksandLiliane

  • Gale Wilson

    101 books

    • mahi


  • We absolutely love these books and find almost all of your books to be exactly. Thanks for the great list of books.

  • mahe


  • mahi


    • mahi


      • mahi


        • mahi


          • mahi


          • mahi


          • mahi


  • Akanksha Chauhan

    I chanced upon this list today and for a book lover like me nothing could have made my day as this list did. Thanks a lot….

  • Patricio A. Kennedy

    hey people!? could you do me a favor and check out my book? i am a writer, and i am trying to find people interested in my work. Please give it a chance elenigmadevex.blogspot.comThank you!!!

  • manjulika pramod

    I am a book lover and a blogger. This list is a great find..

  • Skylar Evans

    If you’re interested in cakes and decorating books, “All You Need Is Cake” is pretty amazing….my sister started using it recently and the cakes she’s been producing are incredible…. seems pretty simple to follow as well. It’s by someone called Danielle Gotheridge, and we bought it off Amazon…. definitely would recommend it

  • Thanks for the awesome list. We are an up and coming review site and two of the books we currently like is The Devil Inside The Book and Big Little Lies. We look forward to seeing more of your post

  • badgerandbaboon

    This is great! Have just started a book blog myself and it’s fantastic to have a list of well-loved literature blogs! I’d love feedback on mine so am including a link to it.

    Thanks again!!

  • Pablo

    Thanks for sharing.Regars Findia Group

  • Belmos

    Stop posting your blogs links in the comments , comment boxes are made for opinions and questions not marketing and advertisements.


    thanks for the list…excellent article…really its too great!!

  • Sowndarya

    I enjoyed your article….Your wordings created my love towards book more and more!!!

  • Awesome list! Thanks for pointing out these blogs. So hard to find good ones on google 🙂

  • great list though one seems to have changed into a technology blog! Will this be done again for 2014?

  • Literati Bookstall

    Nice one! Good to have an evolving list of literary comment on hand.

  • Sandip

    Thank you for the awesome list!

    This one is also a great fiction blog by Soyam Siddha: Little Story Bag

    The blog has just started with this story: The Alien

    I found the quality of storytelling being really amazing, so I am sure this story blog has a promising future with great stories coming soon…

    I will keep an eye on it 😀

  • Barbara Bernard

    Blogs on Ken Follett’s Edge of Eternity

  • Guest

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  • Jacqui Bester

    You have to read Rene D Schultz books. They are amazing. Add them to your list!

  • Henry Neff

    Thanks for the list. I especially loved BookSlut. Great cover illustration.

  • I’m a bit late, Thomas, but thanks for the nice words about BWS. We give it our best shot.



  • David Kirschenbaum

    Nice one! Good to have an evolving list of literary comment on hand. And thanks for the awesome list. We are an up and coming review site and two
    of the books we currently like is The Devil Inside The Book and Big
    Little Lies. We look forward to seeing more of your post

  • Asum list i eveer seen. Thanks.!!!

  • Awsum list… Thanks

  • Cayo Drender

    All are interesting! Good Job!

  • emal s

    thanks for this wonderful list..thanks for sharing this

  • Good List. Thanks for this collection.

  • Raihan Khan Boni Amin

    yes i love book too

  • Alex

    Seems this is more of a romance, feminist oriented website. While my novel Cetacean Chronicles has some of that flavor I don’t think any of these bloggers would appreciate its view of a world governed quietly by inside politics,
    secret operations and submitting Cetaceans in a light other than a slightly intelligent mammal it is. Have a great day.

  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz


  • Shilpi C

    Thanks for the list. The sites seem interesting and I would love to visit and read the posts of these blogs.

  • The Reader’s Tales

    Thanks for sharing, I will check these blogs out, and get some ideas of books to read.
    Have a lovely Monday ; -)

  • Thank you for sharing, i was waiting from long time to get these blogs.

  • leo bardot

    I read a brilliant book really loved it name is Aqua Vitae Parallax ..its a brilliant book guys u guys will love it.

    • emma

      where i can find this book???

  • Aw, this was an incredibly nice post. Finding the time and actual effort to produce a good Blogs for Book Lovers… but what can I say… I procrastinate a whole lot and don’t manage to get anything done.

  • Everest Inspirational Classics

    Thanks for the sharing the great list

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  • Pat Redman

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  • Netflix for Books

    Outstanding content, great layout, very user friendly. Well done keep up the amazing work.

  • denise

    there is a new blog called theintelligentbeaute,com great blog about books and fashion.. check it out

  • John Griffin

    Hi Everyone, I am new to the publishing world and have just finished writing four books. I am (and not ashamed to say it – LOL) an unabashed bibliophile. I love books. Right now I am reading on Freud and have published two books about him, 101 Q & A For Sigmund Freud and a sequel 10 x 10 + 1 For Sigmund Freud, The Marriage Matrix, and last, The Meaning of Existence. I tend to read more non-fiction than fiction. I think the last fiction I read was Isaac Asimov back in high school some 35 years ago. Does anyone on this list like Freud? Some dismiss him as irrelevant these days but I disagree.

  • Tia singh

    Its very interesting thing because at one place i am finding all the books series , even tops, as you mention in the list….