The Top 5 Places to Get Free eBooks

We live in a time where there are a million things competing for your attention, Netflix, Facebook, and Words With Friends just to name a few. In this day and age it’s a lot easier to catch up on the latest gossip than it is to catch up on literature.

That is why we want to make it easier for you and your not-so-easily satisfied appetite to get the nourishment it needs. So we are offering you five of the best sites (in our humble opinion) to get free ebooks.

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Black Friday Deals for Book Lovers

Black Friday is the best and worst day of the year. Don’t you think? It’s a day when we set aside our own comfort for the sake of generosity, when we endure sleeplessness, traffic, and crazy people (there are some really crazy people out there today!) all for the sake of getting the best for our friends and family.

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Cold N’ Cozy Giveaway

At Story Cartel, we’re hoping your holidays are full of warmth, cookies, and lots and lots of books. Instead of braving the freeze, let the cold drive you in this holiday season so you can cuddle up with Story Cartel. If the promise of free books and a warm fire is not tempting enough to spend time […]

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3 Ways Jane Austen Teaches You How to Be a Man

Let me guess. You’re a guy, and you’re totally not into EmmaPride and Prejudice, or any other Jane Austen novel.

Maybe you ventured with Story Cartel through Sherlock Holmes or got fired up about fighting injustice with us during 12 Years A Slave. But Emma? Jane Austen? Forget it.

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Emma’s Filmmakers Definitely Aren’t Clueless

Since 1948, there have been over twenty screen and stage adaptations of Jane Austen’s Emma, including three major feature-length films. Why is Emma’s storyline so popular? Why are so many filmmakers intent on making Emma adaptations? Why There Are So Many Adaptations of Emma Emma truly has stood the test of time, and sticks with us because it’s relatable: […]

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Emma Woodhouse: Infuriating and Endearing

Let’s just face it: most people find Jane Austen’s unusual heroine Emma Woodhouse a touch annoying. She’s quirky, meddlesome, and a little stuck up. But for those of us that have made it to the end of the book, we’ve probably fallen in love with her—at least a little. PICTURE_HERE Learning to Love Emma, Even When […]

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Announcing the Stock Your Library Giveaway!

We’re choosing the winners on October 10! See the rules below to enter to win a $500 gift card to the bookstore of your choice.
At Story Cartel, we’re passionate about generosity. Authors generously give their books away for free to readers, and readers generously give back by giving their honest review of the books they read. In this literary economy, everyone wins.

To make this even more fun, in October we’re giving away $500 to help one lucky winner stock their library right!

Yes, I know giving away $500 in books is a little crazy. But our hope for this community is that it would be a place of bookish generosity. We’re leading the way, and we hope this will encourage you to be generous with this community, too.

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How Jane Austen’s Emma Is A Reflection Of Society

If you’ve read any bit of Jane Austen’s book Emma, you know that she’s meddlesome, confident to a fault, slightly manipulative, and often… oh, what’s the word… annoying! Not to mention the fact that she wears her high-society status in Hartfield around more often than her corset. And as frustrating as that characteristic may be at times, the most shocking thing is that we find it all rather endearing. But we’ll get into that later.

For now, let’s focus on the fact that a society that ignores its problems—whether personal, communal, or cosmic—is destined for trouble. And Emma, in all her infuriating charm, is the personification of a society that did just that.

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What Emma Woodhouse Can Teach Us About Identity

Jane Austen’s heroines are often marked by class, grace, and likeability. But for many readers, Emma Woodhouse is the antithesis, as far from Austen’s other heroines as possible. The truth is that Emma is wildly flawed and frankly, a bit on the infuriating side.

Sure, if you can make it to the end of the novel, you might find that she’s found a warm spot close to your heart, but perhaps learning to love Emma despite her flaws is one of Austen’s primary lessons for us.

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5 Lessons from Jane Austen’s Emma to Avoid Miscommunication

It is a truth universally acknowledged that miscommunication makes for a good story… but a bad life. In this post, we’ll be looking at five valuable lessons learned from Emma about romantic miscommunication.

The story of Jane Austen’s Emma is fueled by the concept of miscommunication. If the characters had spoken up clearly and honestly, much of the conflict in the plot could have been avoided.

Of course, that wouldn’t have made for a very good story, would it?

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