Story Cartel is a platform to help authors connect with readers. We help authors get reviews on their books by giving away free eBooks in exchange for readers' reviews.

We also help readers discover and connect with new authors, creating penpal-like relationships that could last the lifetime of an author's career.

We believe stories were meant to be shared, and we want to help authors do just that.

How does Story Cartel work?

At this moment, dozens of authors are being discovered by readers on Story Cartel. Authors have full control and responsibility for their books on Story Cartel. Once launched, authors share their book with their community and receive instant feedback from readers in the form of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and blog reviews. Every author receives a list of readers who download his or her book. During their promotion, authors can reach out to their readers to introduce themselves, thanking readers for choosing their book. After the promotion is over, readers who want to stay in touch with the author can be added to the author's newsletter.

Why do people review books?

All books on Story Cartel are completely free, but in return readers are encouraged support authors by leaving their honest review, whether good or bad. Many readers see it as a fair trade. Others are helping out an author who is a friend. Some want to support the authors they've read for years. A few are interested in the giveaway offered to reviewers.

Reviews are more than "payment." They allow authors to hear, often for the first time, how people feel about their art. They're how an author knows if her story made an impact in the lives of her readers.

Can anyone launch their book on Story Cartel?

We allow books from nearly every genre, including literary fiction, children's books, short stories, general non-fiction, and even cookbooks.

Story Cartel reserves the right to deny books for various reasons. We also do not allow pornographic books.

What if a reader doesn't leave a review?

We send friendly reminders to readers, asking them to leave their review after a certain amount of time. However, some readers choose not to leave reviews, either because they didn't read the book, they forgot, or because they don't want to say something negative. We hope everyone will leave a review of the book they download, whether positive or negative, but we don't penalize readers for not reviewing. We believe people are generally honest and want to help artists, and unlike some review services, we don't ban readers for not reviewing their latest book.

When was Story Cartel founded?

Story Cartel launched its first book in October, 2012. We're based just outside of Atlanta, Georgia in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

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