Story Cartel is a community of readers and authors.
Here are our guidelines:

Story Cartel is a warm, supportive, respectful, honest community of readers and authors. The books on Story Cartel are the books we share with friends and family around our coffee table. If your book wouldn't be appropriate for our coffee table, then it's probably not appropriate for Story Cartel.

What's Not Allowed On Story Cartel:

  • Please, no profanity in the title, book description, or on the cover.
  • Please, no nudity on the cover.
  • We do not publish pornographic content.
  • Also, if it's not a book, we won't publish it (short stories, novellas, and manifestos are okay, though).

That's it!

Share, Don't Spam

Share your book page often with your audience, your friends, and your family. Stories are meant to be shared, so share often.

Spam, however, hurts both of our reputations. We care about the trust we've built in our community, and if you spam, your account may be suspended.

Spam includes:

  • Mass emailing strangers.
  • Link-bombing blog comments and forums.
  • Using email lists of people who haven't opted in, including purchasing third party lists.
  • Direct messaging or @-replying strangers on Twitter and Facebook.

Ask yourself, would you like to receive this message from an author you don't know? If not, don't send it.

Here are a few best practices for your cover:

Keep it simple.

Keep it simple.

Make sure any text on your cover is clear and large enough to be read easily on a 200px wide thumbnail.

Use a clear, readable font for your cover. (Don't get cute with Comic Sans.)

Use a high quality image. Use a font color that shows up clearly against your image.

Learn from the best.