Frequently Asked Questions

If I receive a book from Story Cartel, do I have to review it on Amazon or some other website?

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do! But since authors share their books for free through Story Cartel, why not return the favor by reviewing their work. Your reviews (whether positive or negative) really help authors get their work out into the world, and one reason authors share their books through Story Cartel is because they know this community loves helping out authors. By reviewing the books you receive for free, you not only help authors, you help out the Story Cartel community by attracting other talented authors to share their books here.

I signed up but I haven’t received my book yet? Where is it?

All your books show up on your Story Cartel dashboard. You should find the links to download there!

Can I read Story Cartel books on my Kindle, Nook, iPad, or other eReader?

Yes! We always provide the book as a Kindle file and PDF, which you can read on your computer, iPad, and some eReaders. We do our best to provide an ePub file for your Nook, but sometimes it's unavailable. Sorry about that!

I downloaded a book, but I don't see it on my Kindle? How do I read this book on my Kindle?

Unfortunately, we can't download books straight to your Kindle yet. You'll have to download the Kindle file to your computer and then upload to your Kindle. Fortunately, it’s very easy to upload books to your Kindle. Here’s the quick version:

1. Plug in your kindle to your computer with the usb cord.
2. Your Kindle will show up in “My Computer” (windows) or on the desktop (Mac). Open up the Kindle folder.
3. Drag the book file to the “documents file” on your Kindle.

And here’s the long version from Amazon.

I'm trying to add my review, but it's asking for a "Review Link/URL." How do I find this?

Good question! First, let's start with Amazon. There are two ways to find the URL for your review from Amazon.

  1. By Email. Amazon will send you an email with the link to your review once it goes live on their site. Click on the link, then, when the page opens, select the URL in the address bar on your browser and copy and paste it into the form on Story Cartel.
  2. On Amazon. The second way to get your review link from Amazon is to go to the book's page on Amazon, find your review on the page, and click either the title of the review or the "Permalink" button. Then, just copy and paste the URL from your browser into Story Cartel's form.
Getting your review URL from Goodreads, your blog, and Barnes & Noble tends to be a bit simpler, but you can follow the same general steps.

How do I enter Story Cartel's monthly drawings?

Every month, we give away Kindle eReaders, Amazon and Barnes & Noble gift cards, and bestselling print books to the Story Cartel community. Our giveaways are just a small way we say thank you for reading and reviewing books on Story Cartel. It's easy to enter:

  1. Download the book you'd like to read and review on Story Cartel.
  2. Read the book and review it on Amazon. You can also choose to review Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, or your blog.
  3. Every reader who downloads a book gets one entry. Each additional review counts as a new entry.
  4. Once a month, we randomly choose the winners from all the reviewers on Story Cartel.

To get started, just find a book that sounds interesting to you on Story Cartel and start reading.

Do you have a question that’s not answered here? Email us!