Things A Mother Discovers (and no one talks about)

by Filipa Fonseca Silva

In this humorous essay, embellished with fun illustrations, Amazon Top 100 author Filipa Fonseca Silva shares things no one talks about before you become a mom. Things she learned from her experience as a mother of two and wished someone had told her as soon as the pregnancy test got positive.

Written in a sarcastic tone, it’s the perfect book for new parents (who will learn precious tips on how to deal with the unexpected), experienced parents (who will know they’re not alone), pregnant parents (just to get ready for what really comes ahead) and also for those who don’t want to be parents and needed new reasons to stay so.

WARNING: The following content may contain elements that are not suitable for people with no sense of humor and for all those who believe that the best thing in the world is being a mom. If you don’t agree with affirmations such as “holidays with kids are not holidays” or “breastfeeding is boring”, read at your own risk.

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For Fans Of

  • The Honest Toddler
  • Scary Mummy and humorous books alike

About the Author

Filipa Fonseca Silva is a copywriter, blogger and Amazon Top 100 author.

She's mostly a fiction writer ("Thirty Something - Nothing's How We Dreamed it Would Be", and "The Strange Year of Vanessa M." but recently ventured into non-fiction with a humorous essay on motherhood, which caused quite a controversy in Portugal, where it was originally published.

Besides writing, Filipa loves painting, collecting shoes and eating watermelon.

She lives in Lisbon with her husband and two children.

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