Set For Murder

by Jolie Beaumont

It’s the height of the Depression, but for Penny and Nick Garnett, two young Broadway stars about to make their London debut, life feels like one long musical comedy show. They’re traveling first class on a glamorous ocean liner along with English nobs, a mysterious Polish countess, and the dazzling, flamboyant Duchess of Tarrington. But just as they’re getting used to living the high life on the high seas, the Duchess of Tarrington is found murdered in her cabin.

Who would want to murder the young and beautiful duchess? That’s the question Scotland Yard Inspector Guy Travers must solve. When he begins to suspect an over-the-hill vaudeville performer, Penny and Nick rush to help their thespian friend. But with the ship now turned into a SET FOR MURDER, will they solve the mystery before the murderer comes back for a second act?

Set For Murder is the first book in the Showbiz Is Murder mystery series

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For Fans Of

  • Agatha Christie
  • Any author from the Golden Age of the British Detective Novel

About the Author

Jolie Beaumont is the author of Set For Murder, the first book in her new Showbiz Is Murder mystery series; Jericho's Child: A Cozy Regency Romance; and the Regency mysteries Ode to a Dead Lord and What the Silk Mercer's Daughter Saw, which feature Bow Street Runner Theo Bryght.

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