Ninja Seals Book One: Night of the Mudskipper

by Joe Yang

Alx (pronounced "Alex") and his cousin Scooter are two ordinary seals by day. And at night, they dress up as ninjas! They fight crime, help other seals, and go around looking cool.

When a large, mysterious monster appears and commits a series of strange robberies, the ninja seals take action in order to protect their beloved town. But how will they thwart a nearly unstoppable enemy?

And when they uncover a plot that's bigger, more dangerous (and more goofy) than anyone could have imagined, the ninja seals will have to use every ounce of their ninja skills to save the day!

Join Alx and Scooter on their zany, action-packed adventure with all its hilarious twists and turns!

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For Fans Of

  • Richard Scarry
  • P.D. Eastman
  • Syd Hoff
  • Gary Larson
  • B. Wiseman

About the Author

Joe Yang is a web cartoonist and graphic novelist. He's passionate about combining off-beat humor with pinnipeds. His first graphic novel, ESCAPE THE FOOD POLICE, was published in 2013. NINJA SEALS BOOK ONE: NIGHT OF THE MUDSKIPPER, is his first children's book. Joe is also a full-time Argentine Tango instructor, and regularly teaches at tango festivals throughout the US.

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