Hero Blues -- A Neighborlee, Ohio story

by Michelle L. Levigne

Superheroes have it rough -- especially when the towns they protect expect them to fix everything, from children running wild to the consequences of a lack of common sense. Fed up with being the Ghost, Jane notifies her town of mental midgets that she’s quitting, and sets off to make a new life and solve some mysteries of her own.

First on the list: return to Neighborlee, where she was found as an abandoned child. Jane knows there are others like her: abandoned children with unusual powers. Where did they come from, how did they get to Neighborlee, and why are they the way they are?

Jane retraces her childhood, pleased to discover that some people remember her. She settles in and makes a place for herself. However, it’s a bumpy process. Living in the “weirdness capital of the United States, possibly the world,” means being extra cautious. Even when it comes to someone with superhero powers. Or maybe especially someone with superhero powers.

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For Fans Of

  • Jennifer Estep
  • Terry Pratchet
  • Stan Lee
  • Meg Cabot (Mediator
  • 1-800 series)
  • Percy Jackson series

About the Author

A recovering Trekker, Michelle fell into fandom in college and has 40+ stories in various SF and fantasy universes. She has degrees in theater, film and writing and has published 70+ books and novellas in SF, fantasy, YA, and romance. She won the Writers of the Future contest in 1990 and has 2 EPIC Awards wins and 13 finalists. She makes her living as a freelance editor.

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