A Long, Hard Look

by Joel D Canfield

A short, fat banker. A willowy, buxom blonde. Phil Brennan's latest client is the former. He prefers the latter — until he gets to know her better. She and her family back Brennan into a corner. His only way out is to choose between truth and love.

With this family, there's a third choice, just for good measure.


A Long, Hard Look is a Chandleresque cozy I think you'll like.

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For Fans Of

  • Raymond Chandler
  • Rex Stout
  • Dick Francis
  • Agatha Christie

About the Author

Joel D Canfield was born exactly 9 months after Raymond Chandler died.

Blending his reverence for Chandler with snippets of Isaac Asimov, Dr. Seuss, Rex Stout, Dick Francis and Richard Halliburton, then pouring it into a big bowl of Agatha Christie, he has created what he calls Chandleresque cozies: mysteries with sharper edges than traditional cozies; convoluted plots and convoluted people, yet without the overt sex, language, and gore of many mystery genres.

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