A Fantastic Mess of Everything

by Beck Medina

Millie Alvarez is a college senior with dreams of being a best selling science fiction writer like her favorite author, sci-fi mastermind Luke Danielson. She fantasizes about dating Rod, her handsome, young writing professor, who has a fan base of his own. Of course no one knows this but her two best friends, Fran and Mike.

In the real world, Millie is anything but a success. She always gets casted in the worst roles in her college's musical productions, has a single subscriber to her writing blog, and struggles to be with anyone but Fran and Mike.

But things spiral out of Millie's control when Fran moves out of their dorm room to live with her sister and her estranged dad won't stop calling her to make amends. To top it all off, the pain inside of Millie's chest is worsening. Millie must decide if she's ready to face everything head on. Can she do it? Is she stronger than she thinks she is? All Millie knows is that her life is one big mess that she cannot seem to escape.

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For Fans Of

  • Eleanor & Park
  • The Fault in Our Stars
  • All the Bright Places
  • Fangirl

About the Author

Beck Medina is a writer living in Los Angeles.

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