Congratulations! You've published your book. Now what?

The average self-published book sells less than 100 copies. Now that you've published your book, how can you make sure it stands out from the crowd?

More than any other marketing tactic, Amazon reviews are the secret to selling more books online. Story Cartel is a new tool to help authors build their audiences, get more reviews, and ultimately sell more books.

How does it work?

Bryan HutchinsonDirectly after I launched my memoir about growing up with undiagnosed ADHD on Story Cartel, my sales shot up 300%.

—Bryan Hutchinson, Author of One Boy’s Struggle: Surviving Life With Undiagnosed ADHD

4 Reasons Why Story Cartel Works.

1. Reviews Generate Word of Mouth Buzz

Other than word-of-mouth, online reviews are an author’s best marketing tool. Also, by asking downloaders to review the book, it increases word-of-mouth. Reviewers are more likely to talk about a book than people who downloaded and may not have even read the book.

2. Numerous Reviews Act As Social Proof

Numerous reviews can affect purchasing decisions, acting as social proof. In addition to providing credibility for a new book, reviews help improve a book’s ranking in Amazon’s algorithm, helping you take advantage of Amazon’s powerful referral system.

3. Improved Alternative to Other Free Programs

Like Amazon's KDP Select giveaway program, Story Cartel helps authors give their books away for free to grow their audiences, reach more readers, and create word of mouth buzz. However, we don’t just give your books away; we exchange it for valuable information. Many readers who get a book for free often go on to buy other books by the same author.

4. Build Your Audience

We make list-building easy. Many authors don’t have the time or opportunity to build an email list of readers (even if they understand the importance of it). By giving you access to the Story Cartel network and making the process seamless, we do the work for you.

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Author Diane Capri Readers love Story Cartel and connecting with readers is what I shoot for, every time.

—Diane Capri, Bestselling Author of Hunt for Jack Reacher Thrillers

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Bryan Allain Actually Clams Are Miserable If you’re an author who loves promotion and marketing, then by all means do it yourself. But for the rest of us, there is Story Cartel. They did the work of finding the readers and mobilizing them to leave feedback and reviews for my book, leaving me to focus my energies on things I actually enjoy.
—Bryan Allain, Author of Actually, Clams Are Miserable

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Story Cartel really free?

For Bookbaby authors? YES!

How long are books on Story Cartel available for free?

We've found that the ideal length of a promotion is three weeks. This gives you plenty of time to get the word out without cannibalizing sales. After your book expires, reviewers will have another six days to finish their reviews and enter your drawing.

What do I need to launch my book on Story Cartel?

Every book on Story Cartel gets its own page just like this. Authors often spend hours crafting their book pages, but you probably have nearly everything you need to launch your book already.

Here's what you need:

  • Amazon book page (where readers can leave their review
  • Book Description
  • Author Bio
  • Front Cover Image (.png or .jpg)
  • Kindle Book File (.mobi)
  • PDF Book File
  • ePub Book File (optional)

Are all books allowed on Story Cartel?

After you upload your book, we will review it to make sure it's formatted well and fits our guidelines. As soon as we approve your book, you'll receive an email letting you know it's live on the site.

How long will it take for my book to appear on

We try to approve books within two to three days. However, we're a very small team, and sometimes we get a bit backed up. If your book hasn't been approved within three days, feel free to email us and let us know here.

Am I guaranteed positive reviews?

We know from personal experience that getting a negative review is no fun. However, not only would it be unethical to ask readers to only post positive reviews, we believe it could actually hurt your marketing. In the end, the number of reviews you get matters more than how many stars each individual review is. A high number of reviews provides social proof that people are actively reading your book, and social proof is what helps sell more books. Also, we've found that people don't trust book pages with just 5-star reviews. It can actually help to have a few thoughtful three-, two-, and even one-star reviews.

At Story Cartel, we promise readers "free books in exchange for their honest review," emphasis on honest. If you get a few negative reviews, don't sweat it. Remember, even the best authors were misunderstood (in fact, take a look at this list of best-selling authors who were initially rejected.)

Will I get access to the list of readers who download my book?

One of the thing that makes Story Cartel such a great option to promote your book is that you have full access to the readers who download your book. You can download the email list at any point during the promotion, and send your new fans a note thanking them for reading your book. You can even invite them to join your newsletter.

Great power comes with great responsibility though, so please don't spam your new readers. You can see our spam policy here.

Why do my reviews say, "Received a review copy in exchange for this honest review."

Amazon requires reviewers to disclose whether they have received a free review-copy of a book in their review. While we see the importance of transparancy, professional reviewers in magazines and newspapers have been getting free review-copies of books for decades. Why should regular readers have to go through the extra hoop of disclosing? Still, it's Amazon's rule, and so we ask our reviewers to honor it. Thanks for understanding!

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