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Black Friday Deals for Book Lovers

Black Friday is the best and worst day of the year. Don’t you think? It’s a day when we set aside our own comfort for the sake of generosity, when we endure sleeplessness, traffic, and crazy people (there are some really crazy people out there today!) all for the sake of getting the best for our friends and family.

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Announcing the Stock Your Library Giveaway!

We’re choosing the winners on October 10! See the rules below to enter to win a $500 gift card to the bookstore of your choice.
At Story Cartel, we’re passionate about generosity. Authors generously give their books away for free to readers, and readers generously give back by giving their honest review of the books they read. In this literary economy, everyone wins.

To make this even more fun, in October we’re giving away $500 to help one lucky winner stock their library right!

Yes, I know giving away $500 in books is a little crazy. But our hope for this community is that it would be a place of bookish generosity. We’re leading the way, and we hope this will encourage you to be generous with this community, too.

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Story Cartel is Giving Away 5 Kindles and $470 in Gift Cards

Story Cartel is a community of readers and authors who are passionate about generosity. Authors generously give their books away for free to readers, and readers generously give back by giving their honest review of the books they read. In this literary economy, everyone wins.

We’re passionate about giving back, too. That’s why in April, we’re giving away $1,000 in eReaders and gift cards to satisfy all your reading desires.

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Disappearing Amazon Reviews

Yesterday, we received several emails from Story Cartel reviewers and authors who have seen their reviews on Amazon disappear. We don’t have confirmation about why this is happening, and we’re doing our best to find out. First of all, if you are a reviewer or an author who lost reviews on books you received or […]

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Heist School Freshmen, An Unmissable YA Novel

Heist School Freshman is a treat for fans of the young adult and mystery genres alike. This surprising thriller grabs your attention from the start, and the plot grows more and more intense through the entirety of the story. This is a novel YA fans won’t want to miss.

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10 Free Books to Put on Your New Kindle

Merry Christmas!

Today, millions of people unwrapped their very first Kindle eReader. And of course that means they’ll need books to read!

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 great books from Story Cartel that you can start reading on that new Kindle. Best of all, each of these books are completely free in exchange for your honest review.

So if you or someone you know got a Kindle for Christmas, make sure you pass this list along. Or if you’re just looking for a book to fill those cold winter afternoons, look no further.

Here are 10 books to download on to your Kindle!

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The Best Cyber Monday Deals for Book Lovers

Do you have a friend or family member who loves books? Good news! Today is Cyber Monday, the perfect day to buy your book loving friend or family member a Christmas present.

We’ve found the best Cyber Monday deals for book lovers and included them on this post. Hope you find the perfect gift!

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Finalists For the Class Cover Contest

A few weeks ago, we partnered up with The Write Practice to host a contest for designers to reimagine classic book covers. We got so many amazing submissions. Today, I want to show off some of the best designs.

So let us know, which is your favorite?

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The Story Cartel Book Club Reading List

A few weeks ago, I announced we’re starting a Story Cartel Book Club, an online community to read and discuss classic books from yesteryear. To help us choose the reading list, I asked you to vote for your favorite classic books, and you responded with over 800 votes.

Over the last week, I’ve spent hours breaking down the list, reading book reviews, making a detailed spreadsheets involving author origins, popularity, and basically analyzing every angle of three dozen books to choose our final list.

Now, at long last, it’s finally time to unveil our Story Cartel Reading List!

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Your Favorite Classic Books: Voting Results!

Well, that went well! Over the last two weeks, we’ve received over 800 votes for your favorite classics. So fun!

I haven’t made any final decisions about the list, but I wanted to pass on the results of the vote. Here’s what happened:

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