Nominate Your Favorite Book Blog: 1st Annual Top 10 Blogs for Book Lovers Contest

Top 10 book blogsAt Story Cartel, we love books. We want to find the best blogs for book lovers (like us) in the blogosphere.

But we need your help. Nominate your favorite book blog in the comments section. These could be:

  • Book review blogs
  • Book giveaway blogs
  • Bookstore blogs
  • Author blogs (as long as they talk about books by other authors as well)

Our Judges

Jeff Goins started in 2011, and in less than two years gained over 100,000 readers per month and got two book contracts. He has written for publications like and The Huffington Post, and is the co-founder of Story Cartel.

Marion Roach Smith is a former New York Times staffer and published author who has been feautured on NPR and in New York Times Magazine. She teaches memoir at

Crystal Paine is the founder of where she regularly features free books on her site. A hard core book lover, last year, she read over 140 books!

Sophie Novak is a writer and book translator who has translated three books from English into Macedonian. She writes at

Joe Bunting is the founder of and co-founder of Story Cartel.

How to Nominate Your Favorite Book Blog

  • Nominate your favorite blog in the comments section, and make sure to include a link to the blog so we can find it.
  • Explain why you like the blog.
  • You only have one vote, so use it wisely.
  • Nominations close March 1, so get your nominations in quickly.

You can nominate your own blog, but you may want to trade nominations with a friend. Also, a blog must be nominated more than once to be considered for the award.

So let’s hear it. What is your favorite blog for book lovers?

  • Jen

    My Favorite Book Blog is Your Urban Fantasy. I like her blog because she reviews a lot of books and I tend to agree with her opinion. She also does some cool giveaways.

  • Marie the guys on this site are awesome their reviews are very informative and I myself have bought books I might not have if it wasn’t for this site thanks guys for the inspiration

  • Tori Michel

    I nominate “Me, My Shelf, and I” ( because Amber (the main writer for the blog) has the best sense of humor and is so fun to read!

  • I nominate “Me, My Shelf, and I”

  • I just love Bert Carson’s blog – he’s such a divine writer, and he shares so willingly his love for the craft. One of my favorites is this, written for writers,

  • Charles

    I nominate “Me, My Shelf, and I” for the award.

    The owner puts so much heart and effort into the blog, and I think this should be recognized.

  • I nominate the wonderful Heather at Buried in Books because she reads like a super her, reviews with detail and compassion, and is the go-to person when you’re looking for all YA fiction. She supports authors and advises her readers. She’s tops!

  • Audrey Chin

    I nominate persephone’s step-sisters first novesl:::reviewed page –

    It’s a wonderful site for discovering lesser known authors. Seph only posts reviews of new books that she likes. She has an alluring way with words. I almost always WANT to go and download whatever she’s reviewed right away. Seph also has unerring taste, or maybe just, my kind of taste. I’ve enjoyed every single one of the books I downloaded on her recommendation.

    She doesn’t post often, but I like that. I don’t read all that fast.

  • Bethany

    My favorite book blog is Skip Prichard’s Leadership Insights at He provides insightful posts on a wide variety of books. His unique review system employs the written word and spoken word providing the reader with his perspective of the book (written word) as well as the author’s insights (spoken word via video author interview). This is an awesome blog well deserving of this contest!

  • I nominate The Deliberate Reader (

  • Nora Lester Murad, Palestine

    I nominate Arabic Literature in English at MLynxQualey not only reads and reviews Arabic literature that comes out in English, she explores fascinating and important literary issues that involve translation, the relationship between literature and politics, and cultural aspects. The ArabLit community spans the entire Arab world and includes the major writers, poets, publishers and translators. Anyone who is interested in accessing the Arab world through literature should read this blog, which is updated 5-7 times a week or more. Everything happening in literature in the Arab world is dealt with on this blog–with intelligence and depth and beauty. It’s a gift to us all!

    • Barbara Skubic

      i would like to second the nomination for Arabic Literature (in English). Ever since MLynxQualey started it in 2009, it has developed into a valuable resource for anyone interested in Arabic literature: readers, translators, publishers and writers. Informed and engaged, sensitive and engaging, Arabic literature in English is not only a blog, it is a virtual literary salon, where literature is discussed, written about, and sometimes written.

  • I nominate “huithiang!” as my favorite. It is a wonderful blog with fantastic reviews.

  • Having gone through Huithiang! blog on numerous occasions, I feel that it deserves to get a mention here and would like to nominate it

    • Khamneithang Vaiphei

      Thank you for the honor. God bless you!

  • ORH

    Got to be Arabic Literature in English

  • Bhakti Shringarpure

    I nominate Arabic Literature in English at This blogger offers window into the world of international writing, something that becomes more and more essential as events unfold parts of the Arab world and the west’s intense interconnectedness to it. This blog offers depth, insight, critique and above all, an outstanding and rich bibliography of new and older works in Arabic. It is a true guiding light…

  • maia tabet

    Hands-down my favorite book-blog is Arabic Literature in English at The blog is incredibly informative and updated indefatigably by Marcia Lynx Qualty, a cultural critic and book reviewer whose sensibility and grasp of modern Arabic literature in translation is unparalleled. The blog not only covers literature from across the Arab world – that is at least 20 countries – but it also delves into translation issues. It is also an incredible resource on cultural events that are linked to books or writing in the Arab world. Her blog is the go-to place for anyone who wants to know anything about contemporary literary output in Arabic, whether fiction, poetry, graphic novels, prizes, readings, or other events. No one who studies the contemporary Arab world or is interested in the cultures of more than 200 million Arabic-speaking people can afford to ignore this blog.

    • maia tabet

      Oops, mistyped Marcia’s last name – it’s Qualey.

  • Ghada Mourad

    I nominate Arabic Literature in English at This blog is The Reference for everyone seeking any kind of information in connection with Arabic literature and culture, from literary events, to very insightful literary reviews, to announcements about publications, residencies, calls for submissions, you name it. The blog is updated daily, and its Facebook page multiple times a day. M. Lynx Qualey works hard at sharing her expertise with what has become now an international ArabLit community who connect through this blog. The plethora of resources found in this blog has no equal anywhere else.

  • Nadia Ghanem

    I nominate Arabic Literature in English at This blog is an essential reference for what is currently being published, translated and awarded in the world of Arabic Literature. M. Lynx Qualey, the editor and writer of ArabLit blogs daily about books (reviews), their writers (interviews) and their translators (with the rich translation tips section). Arab Lit regularly updates readers about events held worldwide on Arabic Lit also. This blog is a beautifully rich and informed plaform for readers who want to access the literature of the Arab world and discover its wealth, and for writers who have a space to talk about their work to an international readership.

  • I’d like to nominate Arabic Literature (in English) at It’s the place to go if you’re a reader, writer, translator, teacher or publisher of Arabic Literature.

  • I’ve recently discovered The Book Wheel ( and am nominating this blog as my favorite to date.

  • M. Lynx Qualey

    I’d like to nominate M. A. Orthofer’s “The Literary Saloon,” consistently interesting and useful on international literatures, prizes, and more.

  • mona elnamoury

    I nominate Marcia Lynex Qualey’s Arabic Literature in English at This blog has been a real literary saloon where we all can meet virtually, discuss literature and life and get introduced to daily new competitions, applications, analyses, news..etc. I personally learn something new every day.

  • Bob Albrecht

    I love Natalia Sylvester’s blog, aptly addressed: Natalia is a wonderful writer and strikes as a warm, compassionate person. She’s got a book due out from Amazon Publishing in 2014. She blogs about writing, including what it’s like to be on submission, conducts regular author interviews and holds book giveaways. I’m always inspired and encouraged when I read her blog, which seems to be far more than one could ever except, or hope for.

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  • Blair

    I Wolff like to nominate The Book Wheel blog ( because Allison really knows what she’s talking about and I LOVE her reviews!

  • I nominate The Book Wheel because it’s really great.

  • Nancy Luebke

    Not too long ago, I found the book Wheel. Not onlydoes she have nice giveaways, I was surprised at all the information she had on book wheels. After working in a library for 20 years, I had never heard of one before so it was an added surprise to me about that.

  • I would like to nominate “huithiang!” blog for the award.

  • I recently found this book review DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? on Amazon and traced it to and was totally captivated. It is a really wonderful blog and would like to nominate “huithiang!’ blog

  • Terrible Minds, a Blog by the author Chuck Wendig is by far and away my favorite book blog. He’s a little sweary, so maybe not to everyone’s taste, but he is one hell of a writer, gives really great writing advice, is awesome to his fans and interviews and promotes other authors and books all the time. He keeps me writing even on my worst days. High five to Chuck, and ‘Always Be Writing’.

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  • Jenny

    I like Miz B at because she encourages all her readers to get involved with what they’re reading every week. That means there is always a wide array of books to choose from when you visit!

    • Jenn S

      So sweet! Thank you so much! ~MizB of Should Be Reading

  • Jess Riley

    I nominate Jen Hartling at The Relentless Reader…she’s hilarious and has exceptional and diverse taste in books.

  • Bob Power

    Love the Book Wheel. Great blog. Keep up the good work.

  • Tarah

    I love the blog Literary Time Out! It’s hard to find good clean books to read, and this blog helps. She also does a lot of great giveaways.

  • Janet

    I would like to nominate the blog, Free Kindle Books and Tips. Every day he posts links to free books for the Kindle. What I like is that he includes a synopsis of the book along with the link straight to it, most of them on Amazon. Also what I like is that he only posts books with 4 stars or more and he will not post books from the erotica category. I have so many free books loaded on my Kindle now, I do not need to buy any for a long time! He also posts a lot of tips about Kindles on his blog. The blog is at

  • Liz

    I nominate “101 Books”. First of all, I like the premise of the blog- reading through Time’s Magazines; “100 greatest Novels since 1923″(yr Time mag. was started) I also like the real reviews of the books, and it is humorous and engaging!

  • Eddie is a great book blog. Robert Bruce does a great job sharing his thoughts, trivia and other information as he reads through Time Magazine’s 100 greatest novels (he included Ulysses as well)…

  • Diana Gabaldon’s blog not only gives readers a peek into her daily life and though processes, but also highlights other books she enjoys (“The Methadone List”) and also gives readers background information on places and events mentioned in her incredible Outlander series. My favorite is her Daily Lines, where she gives fanatics, I mean Loyal readers, snippets of her upcoming book in the series. They keep us going until the publishing date.

  • Melissa Crytzer Fry

    I would like to nominate Natalia Sylvester’s “Finding the Truth through Fiction” blog. Natalia’s voice and insight always leads to thought-provoking questions for readers and writers alike. She features debut author interviews (Fresh Ink series), book reviews, and tasty morsels of insight about her journey to publication (I love her behind-the-scenes glimpses about being on submission). I think her straightforward and honest attitude, combined with very professional prose and the tie-in to her theme (how fiction informs the truth) is a win-win-win.

  • Pragya

    I would like to nominate Reviewing Shelf. It has got everything a book blog must have – book reviews, guest posts, interviews, readathons and giveaways.

  • Katie is my favorite book blog. Robert is reading through the time Magazine list of top 100 books, and his commentaries are entertaining and thought-provoking. He also does some posts that leave me laughing hysterically. It is a must read every day.

  • I’ve got to mention my favorite book blog,
    She reviews a pretty big variety of books and nearly all of my book recommendations now come from her!

  • I {heart}! My to-read list has grown exponentially thanks to Sheila’s great reviews. She has great taste!

  • Jack

    I nominate The Book Wheel ( because I trust her reviews and she gives away books for free.

  • Sabrina Sumsion

    I nominate Free Kindle Fiction. It tells about lots of free and low priced books for my Kindle.

  • KimH

    I have found the BEST books on They are living a simple organic life and read the books that best support their way of living. Its my favorite blog & my favorite blog to find good books to read.

  • is a fabulous blog about Time Magazine’s top 100 books. Great insight and humor! Definitely a winner!

  • Carey
  • THE BOOK WHEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kara Dekker

    My favourite book blog is “In Which I Read Vintage Novels”. ( I enjoy the in-depth, thoughtful reviews from a Christian perspective. Some of my recent reads have been inspired by reviews from the blog. The author focuses mainly on the vintage novels of her title, but occasionally has tangential series, such as her most recent one on the Faerie Queen.

  • C-Joy

    Bookalicious Babe gets my vote! She reads from every shelf in the bookstore, so her reviews cover a variety of subjects. I am afraid to read her reviews because I want to buy so many of the books she writes about!

  • nicola

    I’ve been really enjoying the blogger mixes up plots, useful facts and some crazy stuff. He writes well and I don’t remember ever seeing a typo. It is well researched and well presented. A fabulous offering to the blogosphere. Nicola

  • Kate

    The Well Read Fish! has lots of different kinds of books. Definitely not limited to a specific genre. And, well, it’s also kind of funny!

  • I nominate the impossibly clever!

  • Nominating this blog: Love her blog.

  • Diana Collison

    I would like to nominate It is a wonderful site. author Greta J King is a great writer. Her books The Last Cowboy are at the top romance.

  • Stacey Shubitz, reviews books, and writes about raising her daughter to be a literate human. Very personal and friendly, great reviews of children’s books.

  • maureen thomas

    Ii nominate the OHFB site (One Hundred Free Books)

  • The one blog that I read and comment on most consistently is Kristen Lamb’s “Warrior Writers.” Kristen is down-to-earth, honest, funny, motivational, and inspiring. There is always good content, and she interacts with her readers. Her comments are always insightful.

  • eva rose

    My favorite blog is The Write Practice. It is informative, interesting, inspiring and features guest columnists from all over the country. I’ve never been more inspired to write!

  • Monica

    Anita Silvey’s Children’s Book-A-Day Almanac has won my heart.

  • Greg

    Anita Silvey’s Children’s Book-A-Day Almanac is a tirelessly researched blog with daily book recommendations that uncover the “story behind the stories.” She features not only the newest titles to hit the market, but also classics that may have fallen off the radar of today’s readers.

  • My favorite book blog is Even though I am not a huge fan of romance novels, I do like the paranormal and supernatural aspects of today’s fresh writers. I have been following Rachel Rivera for years because her reviews are interesting, respectful, fun, and worth reading as are her daily emails.

  •!!!! Allison is amazing as a book blogger and a book lover!

  • Sarah

    I nominate Tumbling Books (! I love the YA book reviews there.

  • I’m nominating my own blog, Tumbling Books!

  • She is a young adult librarian, and reviews tons of books!!

  • Bushlma

    My favorite book blog is fairly new “Keep Inspired ” ( She writes as both a writer and lover of books and has amazing perspective!

    • Jennine

      Thank you!

  • roshni

    I have been following a fairly new blog: . What I love about the blog is that it is not only written by someone who writes and is an avid reader, but also someone who is a mother and a teacher and who aspires to inculcate the same love that she has for writing and reading in her children and students.

    • Jennine

      Thanks 🙂

  • Rob Kennedy

    My favourite book blog is Character Splash. And here it is –

  • Deanna

    I recently started following The author is a mother and educator with passion and a fresh perspective that makes me want to keep reading!

  • I nominate
    ReadEng. Didi’s Press

    Didi reviews a wide variety of books and I often refer to her reviews before Amazons

  • Sandra Hould

    I nominate the blog of my favorite author and friend, Jodi Redford’s blog. You can access it at

  • Dan Slack

    Brainpickings by Maria Popova is the best book blog I have found.

  • Julie

    Dead White Guys, Etc. Hilariously funny, irreverent, but dead on reviews and discussion about classical literature and new novels. Oh, and brilliant .gifs (excellent use of imagery):

  • Anna

    Bookslut: Variety of books, intelligent reviews.

  • melissa

    Olivia Brophie and The Pearl of Tagelus is an amazing middle grade read. 🙂

  • Lara

    I have to nominate the Librarian Who Doesn’t Say Shhh: she’s funny, reads and reviews loads of books and offers a final “grade” to appeal to school teachers and librarians (and parents?) recommending/choosing books for younger readers. I adore her Top Ten Tuesday when she reminisces, recommends and entertains. I nominate her at:

  • Eyrline

    My nomination goes to He introduced me to “One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir,” as well as his own book, “Hands.” When I had problems downloading his fourteen prompts, he kindly sent me the link for “Adobe Reader.” He’s always there if I have a question about writing. Thanks, Joe.

    • I appreciate that, Eyrline! Unfortunately, I’m not a book blog. But I’ll take the nomination for top book lover. 🙂

      • Eyrline

        I know you’re not a “blog,” but as a book lover and having “The Write Practice, I would think you should be eligible for an award. I subscribe to several blogs of writers from WordPress. Eyrline

        • Ha! We’ll create an honorary award. 😉 Thanks Eyrline. You’re great.

  • Ivy

    I nominate Tumbling Books. I LOVE THIS BLOG. It’s full of great reviews that help me pick which books I should be reading next and the blogger behind it is always super honest. I love it.

  • Ivy

    I nominate Tumbling Books The book reviews are detailed and very helpful and I always find some awesome books to read while I’m there!

  • Claire Wood

    Bryce Alcock’s “The Echidna and the Fox” book blog at

    is the one I regularly read, as there is always something of interest in the review.

  • I love Unedited by Jennifer Daiker.

  • I really like the – this one is mostly pictures, albeit gorgeous pictures of books.

    If book-pictures-blogs are not acceptable nominations, then I will go with Clair Diaz Ortiz’ blog

    Although she doesn’t only blog about books, she is quite the bookworm and writes great articles on reading and why it’s important. I, for one, find her very inspiring.

  • TheBeginnerHousewife

    I vote for Unedited – Excellent title and awesome book choices (full of variety) –

  • DL Hammons

    I’m a big fan of Unedited by Jennifer Daiker. http://jennifer-daiker.blogspo

  • TDKR

    I nominate Unedited. She’s hilarious. The sense of humor on her book blog posts and the reviews will leave you running for the bookstore. –

  • Heather

    Jen is always a huge supporter of authors and will welcome them to her book blog with open arms. Not only that, but she also opens her life to her blog readers, making the experience not just informative, but personal as well. She’s always willing to send you virtual confetti and cupcakes to celebrate your successes. Who doesn’t love that?

  • Becky Povich

    Hi. I vote for Jen Daiker’s blog:

  • Bish Denham

    I’m going with Jan Daiker at Unedited. She’s funny, sweet and short. (Not her, her blog!)

  • Jess

    My nomination is for Unedited by Jen Daiker (
    Can you say “hilarious”? Like really, can you? Because you will after following her blog. It’s awesome. And so is she!

  • Woohoo! My vote is for Unedited!!! Jennifer is funny, kind, down to earth (and at the same time spacey), fun, vibrant…. need I say more?

  • Jen Tucker

    One of my FAVORITE book blogs is Unedited! Jen Daiker reviews a potpourri of genres, and I like that. It introduces me to books I might not normally have thought of reading. Plus, she’s a fan of cupcakes and ponies, so that’s a big gold star in my book.

  • I vote for Jen Daiker’s blog! Jen is a generous blogger with a great sense of humor and interesting posts. Here url is Go Jen!

  • I met Jen Daiker a few years ago when I started blogging and was opened up the the amazing world of bloggers out there. She is awesome and I always learned something from her posts. And there were always completely entertaining too! Funny and quirky and cool! I like blogs that inform, but I like some fun infused in there and Jen has both!

  • Has to be Unedited, Always somthing enjoyable to read. When I first started Blogging it was jen that waled me through the basics. Great blog, and great blogger.

  • I love Jen Daiker’s Unedited! She’s upbeat, positive, funny and always has great book reviews.

  • Rose Cooper

    I want to nominate my all time favorite blog–Unedited by Jen Daiker. She is a writer and her blog showcases how talented she really is. She is seriously dedicated and her posts are always so creative, encouraging her fans to participate. It is humorous, interesting, and I always learn something from her posts. Anyone who’s read her blog knows how much awesomness it posesses!

  • Nicole Zoltack

    Jen Daiker’s Unedited is awesome. I love her.

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  • saren

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